Cannot fix lighting on Android

I’ve had this problem pop up every so often, and it looks like there’s others who have had similar problems from what I see on the forums, but I cannot get my lighting working on a Samsung Galaxy s6. Game works on a Samsung Tab A with no rendering issues. I’ve had a similar problem on the iPad Air 2 but it sort of magically resolved itself.

mobile hdr is on. I only have a directional light source, a skylight, and a skySphereBlueprint in the scene.Again, works on mobile preview, on the Tab A, and the iPad air 2, but on the galaxy s6 everything is silhouetted.

I’m playing with all the settings I can find on these nodes and in the rendering section in the project settings, but while it works fine in mobile preview I cannot get it to render correctly on the Samsung Galaxy s6. I obviously cannot ship the game working so intermittently. Please let me know what I can provide you to help find a resolution to this problem. I’m trying to finish the game up and submit it for beta testing. Any help will be appreciated.

And now it magically works. No idea what magic combinations of settings I hit, but its working fine now. So frustrating, but I guess I’m good for now.