Cannot build lighting

So I made this simple map and I am trying to build lighting, but when it finishes, it doesnt build it and just gives me these errors.


I was told that the first ones arent really “errors”, they just suggest me things to optimize it better. But the last one, that pop ups when the building is “finished”. Also its kinda contradictory, I get error that my lighting is unbuilt when I am trying to build it, lol. I have tried a lot of things which I found from google. I also copied the whole content folder into another project which did not work.

Can anyone help me with this?

And once more! :wink:


…you had this question somewhere else too where I replied! :wink:

“Yeah it’s the last line! You should grab a lightmass importance volume into your scene and scale it to cover all your important areas!” And THEN build your light! :wink: