Can you use directx toolkit in unreal engine ?

Hi, I want to use sprite batch to draw a picture in render target before actually rendering something else. How can I import Direct tk in my project? Thankyou.

I don’t think you need to as UE4 already does that i think for it’s own rendering. But i don’t think it will work, because you already dealing with huge rendering system of UE4 which as there own solutions and APIs. UE4 has it’s own Rendering Hardware Interface (RHI) which deals with all GPU work and wraps all rendering libraries that UE4 deals with on multiple platforms, so first off all you should study it, as you might end up reinventing the wheel.

I am messing with the rendering code for a month, it’s very very detailed and it’s hard to work with it. Well, I want to make something that can’t be done without changig the code. I will try though and I will tell you if I will be able to do so. Thankyou for your interest.