Can you preload particle systems with blueprint?

we are trying to preload a particle system either asynchronously or at beginplay, because we’re using a mobile platform (oculus quest) and we get serious hitches when we call the first instance of a particle system. We have tried using async load asset and storing it in a variable, we have even tried activating and deactivating the system on begin play to get that stuff into the GPU so we can avoid the hitch later, also no luck or improvement at all. We get a spike in the draw call completion time.

Is there any way to manually or explicitly preload this asset wherever it needs to be to avoid the hitch? we are using VR so hitches are not acceptable.

perhaps we just don’t understand how the systems work or what we need to do to solve it, so any suggestions to point us in the right direction would be splendid.

Did you ever find a solution? I have the same problem. The first time I spawn pretty much any particle effect unreal freezes for a few frames.