Can you offset Niagara particle animations per instance?

Is there a way to offset the starting point for a particle animation so that when you have multiple instances in view, they all aren’t playing at the same exact point in the timeline?

I know I could setup a completely different Niagara system with a completely different animation to differentiate my fires, but by offsetting which frame they are playing from the sprite sheet this would save resources right?

Basically, I want each instance of the fire I drag in to start at a random sub image. I have an 8x8 sprite sheet so there are 64 sub images. However I haven’t found anywhere in the Niagara settings or online documentation on how to offset the animation or create ‘unique’ instances.

I also have a blueprint I setup for a light so that I could control the flickering and temperatures, as the ‘Light’ that is created by a Niagara system doesn’t allow for much customization. I also run into the same problem here however, as all the lights flicker at the same time. Is there also a way to offset this without creating multiple blueprints?

Have you found the answer for this ?

You should be able to use Engine.Emitter.InstanceSeed to generate a random starting frame for your flipbook animation. The instance seed will be randomly generated for every newly created instance of the emitter.

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thanks for the solution!!