Can you have post process effects in only a small area?

This is a general question about developing for UE4 in VR. I’ve heard that it’s a good practice to turn off Unreal’s default post process effects entirely. That’s simple enough, as I can put in an unbound post process volume.

Then, if I want to have post process effects on a small area, can I put another volume in? Technically it should intersect the previous unbounded volume, so will my 2nd volume almost override this collision and take precedence? And are there easier ways to turn off post processing by default for the entire level, or is best way to just put in a post process volume and make it unbounded?

You should be able to create a second, bounded, smaller Post Process volume and then set the priority to being higher than the global one if you’re using a global one.

Best of luck to you!

Thanks! I was kinda stupid and didn’t realize there was a priority setting.