Can you edit the planar reflection material?

I’ve created a planar reflection cube and it works fine, reflects what I need well. I want to give the mirror a more dirty look though. Is there anyway to edit the maps it uses as default? Add a few grey/ white patches to make it appear less reflective in certain areas to simulate smears/ dirt.
Thank you

Planar reflection only creates rendered scene according to camera view and applying it as standard reflection.

So to change it you should change mirror material itself.

Basically its simple metallic material with some grey base color, roughness = 0, and flat normal. So to make it dirty you must apply some dirt texture to base color and some rough texture to roughness.

How would I go about doing that? In the editor there isn’t a simple way of accessing the material, and as the reflection cube isn’t an asset, I can’t see how I could access/ change the material.

Can you show how you added the planar reflection in your environment. I hope you are not just assuming this is like a mirror that you put in mesh with a hole.

Not planar reflection itself.

You must add another plane static mesh, assign materialI described above to it, and it will get reflection from Planar Reflection Actor.

As @Ninjin said - you cant use Planar Reflection as mirror actor, it’s only capture object.