Can UE4's dedicated server capabilities run an MMO?

i have just a doubt,
the dedicated server at ue4 it’s possible to support a MMO Game ?!

or i need to use a connection for another server to manage that, using some connections like the plugin bellow
have any example about that?

link text

Hi Ricardo,

You can run a dedicated server with UE4 that is useful for smaller scale games such as a first-person shooter as seen in the Shooter Game example content. To run an MMO you would generally need a server farm to handle that much traffic.

Here is some of our documentation on Networking and Multiplayer.

MMO’s have been created using our last engine, UE3, a good place to start would be with Tera. Feel free to take a look at the link below for our showcase on Tera.

I hope it helps.

Thanks, TJ

thanks for the replay, every information is welcome :slight_smile:
i found some artices about that too

Link for documentation is dead.

Hi Chimaera13,

Looks like some things were shifted around. Here you go:

You can also search all of our docs here:



Tera is built with UE4. MMO ability is more on the network devs than the code libraries or game engine. A spaceship can get to orbit with the right pilot, but if you stick a toddler in the cockpit they’ll probably just explode on launch.