Can UE4 runing on nvidia Jetson-tx2?

Hello forums,can UE4 runing on nvidia Jetson-tx2?

No, that is not an architecture that UE4 is built for.

hello,darthviper107 Cross-Compiling for Linux says: If you want your project to target a specific platform, you need to edit your project’s Default Engine Configuration File file, and to do so, navigate to the file’s location ([Project Directory]\Config), open DefaultEngine.ini, and add the following:
[/Script/LinuxTargetPlatform.LinuxTargetSettings] TargetArchitecture=X86_64UnknownLinuxGnu
You may set TargetArchitecture to any of the following values:

  • X86_64UnknownLinuxGnu
  • ArmUnknownLinuxGnueabihf
  • AArch64UnknownLinuxGnueabi

Does AArch64UnknownLinuxGnueabi option exist for Linux arm64?