Can UE4 bake animations?

I was wondering if Unreal itself can actually create alembic files?
For example, if you use a Metahuman, can you bake the animation to the geo like you can do with Maya or Max and remove the rigging and skinning?

Or is this something, Unreal just can’t do?


As far as I know you can load you skeletal mesh animation into the sequencer and there is a bake animation option.

I don’t know if it does exactly what you need. Didn’t have to use it, yet.

hmm… interesting… I tried to find more info on this… also searched the docs. But no luck. Where do you see the bake animation option? You said, it’s inside the Sequencer?

Looked it up but it seems to be more a bake control rig keys. I suppose you don’t use a control rig

Hmmm… yes, you are right. I don’t use the control rig. I use mocap data for body and facial expressions.

I wonder about the performance. I am assuming that the rig and the skinning is a much more expensive operation to render vs using a cached file and a baked animation on the mesh.

But so far I couldn’t find anything how you could do this with Metahumans and Unreal.