Baking Animation to Control Rig

Control Rig is pretty amazing stuff - is there anyway to bake an animation into control keys?

EG I have a walk cycle I want to modify - would like to bake the IK arms into keys and then modify them

This link
Towards the end, he shows how to save to an animation sequence from sequencer.

Just to clarify - you can make an animation from sequencer by right-clicking skeletal mesh and selecting create animation asset.

But what I am looking for is actually a different thing. I want to use an animation to set or bake the Control Rig effector keys in sequencer ( and then modify only the ones I want to change).

Same question. About baking anim sequence to Rig controls. Is it possible?

It’s possible! Many many thanks to Epic games!
Here is solution how to bake anim to the UE rig:

Its amazing how far this has come in the last year

Basically what I did for my blender plugin on steroids… seems to have the exact same issues and missing controls though.

I have baking many animations to Control Rig and UE Mannequin, but never seen missing rig controls after baking.

Missing as in you don’t even know they aren’t there until one day when you need them.

Control rig needs to be set to Show Control Rig. Twirl down among the bones or check upper left control settings(?)