Can the static GI for lightmaps be adjusted independantly of the static indirect lighting cache?

Hey everyone, I can’t seem to find any answers or topics on this anywhere, so hopefully someone knows the answer to this. So my scene uses several emissive materials to help light the interior spaces. I am using the GI replace node in the emissive materials so that I can turn up the static lighting values for these materials very high so they emit a lot of light for lightmass to bake the lightmaps without causing the visible material to over-bloom. Well, the problem is that while the baked lighting looks great with these static lighting values turned up very high, the indirect lighting cache gets significantly over-exposed causing dynamically lit objects to take on way too much indirect lighting.

So is there a way to keep the emissive values very high for lightmass but turn down the lighting values in the indirect lighting cache without affecting lightmaps?

I already tried using the dynamic GI input of the GI replace node but it does nothing, I think that is only used if you are using LPVs to light your scene.

Any insight anyone has would be most appreciated!