Can´t use multiple materials on landscape


right now I try to create a landscape for my game. Everything is fine with normal materials BUT I tried using Substance materials with the plugin. I added the Substance material to the Layers section as u can see on the left of the screenshot.

But after painting with it, it loads some shaders, then it shows the material for a few seconds on the landscape. And after those few seconds the complete landscape just gets unpainted.

I really hope someone knows an answer, because I´d love to use the Substance material. They look really good.

Hi, set all your texture samplers to “Shared Wrap”. Otherwise you will be limited by 16 texture samplers (some of those get already used up under the hood, so in practice you’re limited by less) and if what you have painted on a landscape component uses more than this limit, you will get this grey checkered look on that component.

Thank you so much!