Can someone make a list of how Blender nodes would translate to UE4 nodes?

I want to recreate a shader from blender in UE4 but I don’t know the UE4 equivalent of the nodes I used. Can someone make me a full list of each blender node and what the UE4 equivalent is?

Nah, that’s alright. I gotta learn to do this myself. Thanks anyways.

there isnt really a direct comparison. some nodes are named similar and function in a similar manner but the underlying code is based on a different language so there could be differences. other nodes may not exist at all in one program or the other. add in all the plugins for blender and the nodes for interacting with other systems in ue4 and it leads to a real mess.

also that would be a huge undertaking to compare and make a guide like that for all nodes in both programs.

If the shader is publicly available then maybe post a screenshot of it and someone here can help you to recreate it or something similar.