Can RTX 2060 Run in UE5??

The Ram of RTX 2060 is 6G…
Does anyone use RTX 2060 running UE5??Nanite??Luman ??

Or even vally of ancient??

Yea, that’s likely fine. Should be well above min spec.

The Valley of Ancients demo uses ~4.7gb of vram at 1080p scaled to 4k.

I’ve been able to run the demo on a GTX 970, not well, but it works.

I have a GTX 1050 2G, mine is below the minimum but it still works, if a bit slow. If you have a problem in the Valley of Ancient Project setting to D3D12 and Vulkan see my post
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Its big and needs to run from an SSD or very recent hard drive or it will be slow