Can RTX 2060 Run in UE5?

The Ram of RTX 2060 is 6G…
Does anyone use RTX 2060 running UE5??Nanite??Luman ??

Or even vally of ancient??

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Yea, that’s likely fine. Should be well above min spec.

The Valley of Ancients demo uses ~4.7gb of vram at 1080p scaled to 4k.

I’ve been able to run the demo on a GTX 970, not well, but it works.

I have a GTX 1050 2G, mine is below the minimum but it still works, if a bit slow. If you have a problem in the Valley of Ancient Project setting to D3D12 and Vulkan see my post
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Its big and needs to run from an SSD or very recent hard drive or it will be slow