Can not find Metahumans plugin

On the tutorial:

It asked me
“1. In your Unreal Engine project, enable the MetaHumans plugin.”
However I can’t find this plugin. When I search “Meta” ( Metahumans with return nothing). I got this screenshort. The closest is “MetaSound”. There is no “MetaHumans” .
My version is Version: 5.0.2-20280985+++UE5+Release-5.0

Where can I install the Metahumans Plugin?



install from marketplace in epic launcher


Thank you guys! This was really useful :nerd_face:

Umm it shows as “Unavailable” :face_with_head_bandage:. Any clues?


Same Problem Here You found any Solution Buddy !!!

Not sure if this can help, but just in case:

I already installed the plugin. In the launcher it is displaying this message but in the engine there is no “meta” nor “metahuman” in the plugins.

Same issue for me?

I’ve installed from marketplace but nothing is showing in the plugin menu. When I go to the vault and search for ‘Metahuman’ it shows an option called ‘MetaHumans’ with a ‘create a project’ button, which leads to an error saying “This content requires a supported engine version to be installed”. Error code: IV-CMD-DREQ

Can anyone help?

MacOS 12.4
UE 5.0.2-20280985+++UE5+Release-5.0

Hello inaboxrecords, welcome to the Unreal community.

It seems you may have clicked on the Complete Project instead of the plugin. Plugins will generally try to install to the engine. I would search for ‘Metahuman Plugin’ in the Marketplace and obtain it from there. It should look like the page and Ivanim posted a few replies above.

The Metahumans Complete project is only available in 4.26-5.0 so if you were interested in that product, please ensure you have one of those engine versions installed.

I would also make sure no projects are running when attempting to install a plugin.
Lastly, if your engine / launcher needs to be updated, please do so.

I hope this helps.


Hey, thanks for the reply!

I’m not sure whether this is the case, but may be wrong… I’ve now uploaded screen shots

It says on the marketplace page that it’s only compatible with Windows but it seems to say in the documentation that it should also work with mac??

Thanks again

Hi, did you install the “MetaHuman Plugin” and the “Meta Human”?

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I am presently going through the same-thing. followed directions above and still nothing.

No plug-in showing up in the engine for me to even select!

Has anybody figured out a solution pertaining to this?

Issue still isn’t resolved after quite a few weeks which is disapointing. Not sure what I need to do to fix, as I’ve followed all guidance shared above. It seems it’s some kind of glitch or compatibility issue which the launcher is detecting, either correctly or incorrectly. The Plugin page suggests the plugin is only compatible with UE5.0 and Windows (even tho documentation disputes this) so maybe it’s something to do with the launchers compatibility check?

I wish Epic Games would actually respond or give some kind of guidance. I’m on the verge of having to pay someone else to create my metahumans which is crazy when I should be able to do it myself with relative ease.

anyone? im having the same issues

Most likely you’re using Mac. If you look at the Supported Platforms only the Windows icon is shown. I’m using a Mac and am unable to install/use the plugin. We can only wait for now.

Hi, In Library → Valut have you pressed Install to Engine, to add the plugin?

I have Unreal Engine 5.1 and it looks like the Metahuman Plugin is only compatible with 5.0 . When will this be release for 5.1?

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Having the same issue metahuman plugin in not showing

I have the same problem. In the library I see that the plugin cannot be installed because it is already installed in all engines but it does not appear in the PluginManager. Quite along, even if UE5 itself and MetaHuman is free, it annoys enormously when the advertised new features do not work in the beginning. On this basis, you cannot build a business with such tooling if no fix is built for months.

Just posted in another post on this topic: I can confirm Metahuman plugin is available for 5.1 in the Marketplace now! Not sure when it was released but looks like sometime in early-mid January.

Btw it was possible previously to import Metahumans using Quixel bridge in 5.1, however it wasn’t possible to do Mesh-to-Metahuman and other features that required the Metahuman plugin, until the plugin was released for 5.1. Which it is now! Thank you, Unreal and Metahuman team!

  1. Open Epic Games Launcher.
  2. Select Marketplace.
  3. Search (MetaHuman Plugin).
  4. Install to Engine.
  5. After to Install Restart (Unreal Engine 5).
  6. Now Open (Unreal Engine 5) and Select From Head menu (Edit) then (Plugins).
  7. Search (MetaHuman) then Check it.
  8. Restart.
  9. Enjoy.
    Khaled Al-Shammari