Metahuman plugin "unavailable" in Marketplace?


Any clue about why I am not able to download the Metahuman plugin from the Marketplace?
It is set as “Unavailable” for me.

Thank you!

Hi, same here. Are you on a M1 Mac?

Hey @POV70 ,

No, I am on win10. Not sure what are we doing wrong here… :face_with_head_bandage:. The plugin does not appear in UE5 editor, I imagine that the download button in the Marketplace will work again at some point.

Has EPIC limit the downloads of this plugin? Maybe like an “early asscess” feature?? This would, at least, explain what is happening to us.

Hey! I did try again and now I was able to download the plugin :smiley:.
Is it working on your side?

Thanks for the info! Will try that out later! I‘m glad it works for you!

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Unfortunately still no luck for me. I am on a M1 Mac, I hope it’s not limited because of that.

That is too bad :disappointed:.

Before getting it working, I tried in my laptop (another PC) where UE5 was not yet updated to latest. I did the update and after, when I search for the plugin it was available for both PCs.
Pretty sure that my interactions, did not activate the download of the plugin… But that is what I did, just in case it might help you some how. Hope you best of luck with this @POV70.

A Moderator, maybe, could bring some light to this topic ???

Thank you

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I just had to close my Unreal Projects that were running.
After tha “Unavailable” changed to “Install to Engine” :slight_smile:
Hope this helps!

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