Can line trace hit tessellated mesh?


I am looking for a way to detect whether actor is above or under the water surface. I am using tesselation to create waves, but line trace ignores displacement, and detects only original - flat mesh. Is there any other way to detect tesselated surface? Thank you!

Looking for an answer too.
The results I get aren’t moving along with the tessellation/changing height.
So yes I do get a result, but No it’s not taking tessellation into account apparently - at least no the moving tessellation.
The result is higher then the mesh without tessellation so it seems to be averaging or adding the overall distance to the result.

As a note,
I have my mesh I want to get a response from set to Collision Enabled - Query Only
I have the Visibility channel set to Block, everything else is set to block except camera.

After more digging - the way i’m doing things my tessellation/world displacement is GPU based, and isn’t available to the CPU by default, so responses from the line trace aren’t reflecting the current height.
The next step is

Which should allow communication between the 2 layers.

In the line trace I have Trace Complex enabled - since the mesh has no custom or simple collision.