Can I scale a static mesh without scaling the material?

As you’ll see from this picture, I scaled a ceiling to fit to a certain area, but with it, the material (design) scaled as well. Is there a way to change the size of a static mesh without changing the scale of the material on it?


You can use WorldAlignedTexture

…or use a specific tiling with TexCoord node in your material…

Hi, since you just want to scale a plane, using object scale will be enough and will be cheaper on performance than WorldAlignedTexture

And since planes should be fairly low poly (you have considerably less vertices than pixels covered by the material), you can do those computations inside the vertex shader instead of the pixel shader to save a bit more performance

Copy this as material function.

Thank You everyone for the solutions. I will try those tomorrow and let you know how it went. :slight_smile: