Can I force a better quality at Android device?

Hi. I’m testing an actual (not beta) version of Unreal Engine. In my editor mobile view I have a better quality graphics - bloom is lighter, materials are crisper and textures are higher resolution. Of course, I turned Mobile HDR on and I have HDR features at my device, but… worst than at PC. My device is LG G Pad 8.0 LTE, Snapdragon 400, Adreno 305. I know that’s low end, but I will force better quality (fps not interesting me now).

Nope - not really. In addition to what you list, there are also lighting differences between the two screen shots.

Mobile preview is a guide only - it is never going to be the same as running on device (particularly on Android where there is more device fragmentation - every model is different).

The bloom algorithm is different on mobile (to let it run fast enough).
Perceived crispness is probably a difference in resolution / dpi.
Texture differences will be due to different texture compression algorithms (maybe try ‘RGBA User Interface’ texture format to turn off compression on specific textures).

Things I recommend:
Move any UV manipulation in materials to customized uv’s.
Put a gamma slider somewhere in your apps settings (console command gamma 0.0-1.0)