Can I export my finished game with BSPs?

Hey all! Is there any real problem with exporting and distributing a finished game with BSPs still in place? If I can get the lightmaps, collisions, and everything to look good, is there any problems with just packaging up the game and selling it with the BSPs? Does is lower the overall performance of the game? I’ve been trying to export my BSPs to static meshes, but EVERY TIME I try to bake the lighting with the meshes, the lighting’s all messed up. If anybody could offer me insight on this, I would appreciate it! Thanks!

BSP can be more of a performance hog than static meshes. You can ship a game with them however, if you convert everythign to static mesh you will need to fix the Lightmap UVs (easy enough in the static mesh editor), add collision to all your static meshes, and essentially just do a pass on checking to make sure everything is working the way you want when you convert them.

When you convert the BSP to static mesh don’t select them all and make them a single static mesh. This is a bad idea.

There is two things on the wiki lighting guide that can help initially:

Ultimately, you can package games with BSP, not always recommended, but it’s possible.

Thank you so much! I just had to break the BSPs into smaller meshes. Thank you! You are a lifesaver!

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