Can i convert blueprint to c++

Can I convert blueprint into c++

so my team asked me if they can create something in blueprint than convert it into c++ so that the coders can change minor detail.

is there a function for this or a plugin that i can install ?

thank you
Yaan Segers

Hello cloodo_yaan and welcome back.

It sounds like you may be interested in nativizing blueprints. I found relevant documentation on the subject that contains a handy how-to guide.

Additionally, we have additional information posted by Tim_C Epic Alumni that has a hands-on method with thorough explanations.

I hope this explanations and documentation assists you.

hello Muon and thank you for your answer

i am not really satisfied with my answer.
so can i convert blueprint into c++ with just a click of a button { i dont have time to do it manually } ?

thank you
Yaan Segers

BP nativization has been removed in ue5 btw… if your working in ue4 then just use the links Polite_Muon just provided you… there are also tutorials on youtube etc im sure…

It’s not exactly as fast as “just click a button” but it sure is faster than rewritting in c++.