Can I change light intensity in game for android?

Hi Guys,

I have a game where I use movable point lights. These point lights can change light intensity during game. I tried to package this game for android as well but when I do these lights don’t change at all. Has anyone experienced a similar issue or happens to know what could be the issue?


Hi CGsquirrel,

This is working as far as I can see on my device in 4.13 without any issue. I’ve attached a project below to demonstrate using a timeline to control the intensity of the light in a loop from no intensity to brighter.

link text

I see you’re using an older version that is older than 4.10 potentially. This may have been an issue in previous versions that has been resolved in the latest version but I’m not sure off hand.


Hi CGsquirrel, it’s been a while but did you solve the problem of intensity on Android? i have the same issue with Gear VR, and the example given by Tim did not work for me either.