can anyone help me with this shadow issue ?

If you are talking about the pixelated shadows it looks like low quality AO. Place a post proces volume into the level if you dont have one, set it to Unbound and then play with AO settings. Also you dont need a sky light if it is an interior level.

Getting this really strange shadow issue on my static mesh, there is a point light below it with an emmisive/glossy texture applied to the model. There are no directional lights, however, there is a sky light.

thank you in advance !

I havent baked an AO texture onto the model as of yet. Also, there is a post process volume and I have removed the skylight and am still encountering the same issue. My UV’s are fine, and I have tried baking on various lighting qualities as well as turning settings on and off to see if there is any change and for the life of me I cant figure it out. Scratching my head.

I had a feeling thats what you meant haha. it isnt anything to do with the AO, To be honest I dont think its a post process issue, it feels like its some sort of baking issue

the mesh settings are on the right hand side if that helps anyone

I was talking about post process AO. Also try setting the AA method to FXAA instead of TemporalAA and see if it changes anything.

…and light settings… all within blueprint

Just to be clear i have been talking about those black spots:

So i’m quite sure it is a PP artifact. If you look at the dots they follow the screen pixels vertically and horizontally so there must be something you are missing while debugging this.

Btw, your lighting setup is quite interesting; why are the lights and meshes not casting static shadows? Also have you changed any lightmass settings in World Settings?

Ah I see what you mean, I will play around with the PP and alter that, although I will tone it down drastically because I am going to bake the AO instead.

And I meant these strange spots, the texture is clear but these spots are being baked and I cant seem to figure out what is causing the issue

the strange lighting setup is just a style im playing with at this moment in time, it might not stick but I’ll have to see how it goes

and no changes to the lightmass world settings

Oh, those are caused by low resolution lightmaps and close UV islands. What is the current lightmap resolution you have for that mesh? And what does the UV layout look like?