[C++]How can i get The Physics Material with my FHitResult `?

So basicly i want to code a footstep system. And everything just worked fine ! I shot a ray from the player to the ground but then i need the Physicsmaterial from my FHitResult variable. And i have no idea how i can do this.

Hi Gunschlinger,

Try to use this

FHitResult Impact = ...;

Best regards, Gleb

why are there 3 dots and what do they mean ?

The “…” is basically filler for you to implement whatever your HitResult is. Notice how it says the class name FHitResult and then the variable name Impact.

Impact = (Put what you want the Hit Result to be) or…
Impact = (…)

It’s just easier and quicker to explain it the way Gleb did.

thnaks for the great support Unreal Community !