Wow! This is probably the fastest response I’ve ever gotten. Anyways I have a class, let’s call this MyInterface. MyInterface is setup normally but it has a few functions with the BlueprintNativeEvent specifier. The _Implementation functions are virtual and overridable. MyInterface is also exposed to blueprints so I can use it in c++ and BP. Like I said in the question, UE4 provides functions to get all actors with interface and to get all widgets with interface but there isn’t a get all objects with interface. So how may I implement this? Unless I missed something.

Hello! I’ve been using interfaces lately and I’ve noticed that there were Get All Actors/Widgets With Interface functions, but no Get All Objects With Interface. I’ve used my interface in some UObjects and I need to get a pointer to all the UObjects with the interface. This includes Actors, Widgets, and UObjects. Have I missed something and there is actually a function for this purpose or do I need to implement it myself. If so, how can I implement this? Thanks and have an amazing day!

I even don’ know much about this interface. But I would like to learn more about it. Thank you so much!

TArray<UObject*> Array;
for(TObjectIterator Object; Object; ++Object)