Bullet wounds and bleeding.

How do you make bullet wounds (similar to The Last of Us or Max Payne 3) appear when a character gets shot and is there any way of having blood exiting that wound? (Again like The Last of Us or Overgrowth)

Thank you

For blood exiting the wound you can use a particle emitter attached to the character. Simply spawn it on the impact position of the projectile and attach it to the Pawn.

What about wound decals or masks on the character’s material? I know UDK had HitMasks or whatever (I guess, never used UDK) but it doesn’t seem to be in UE4.

Maybe you can approx it with a material? I have no idea how though, as I haven’t been messing with them at all yet.

Hitmasks are still an option with UE4, as we still have Render To Texture Targets I believe. They’re still expensive though. I believe Gears of War 3 used them but ONLY on the head texture of the ‘Boomer’ classes, for when you headshot them. They look good but it’s very obvious that they are just texture detail applied to the surface.

You can do a surprising amount with a Particle Emitter, so long as you’re handy with C++. I’m eager to see if anybody comes up with a good solution this time around, as they’ve never really looked amazing to me, nor performed well enough to ship.

No said how to make thd bullet wound like gta you cant miss it