Bulk Edit option for "LOD Group" or Setting on Import


The “LOD Group” setting for the new automatic LOD settings cannot be edited directly in the “Bulk Edit” option for static meshes. As it cannot be set on import it is rather painful to go in and set it by editing each individually imported mesh. Hopefully this a feature that is expected to be added before 4.14 is final.


Hi hesham,

I’ve entered a feature request here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-38141)

You can review the bugs status as it is examined by our developers.

Also, you can change the LOD Group under Import settings, it is also possible to assign the LODGroup on import as well. Just make sure you expand all menus.

let me know if that helps,


If your looking for a quick way to generate LOD’s on the fly this will do the trick for you Easy LOD Maker V2 in Blueprints - UE Marketplace it’s easy to use non destructive & not only does it generate LOD’s in bulk but it searches for all of your assets and generates all of your asset’s LOD’s where bulk matrix does have a limitation as being able to select all folders which have meshes in them and best of all it’s really cheap.