Building lighting never finishes even with 0 lights

New to UE4, tried doing the simple level tutorial with 2 lights and I cannot build lighting. No matter what I do it gets stuck on 94% and sits there building forever… I waited 2 hours. Even deleting all the lights in a scene, creating a new scene, building lighting never completes! I have a relatively good rig.

Any ideas?


You should be able to see what the stage it was building at if you look at the various logs. I’m a little bit rusty but whatever was building last would be very suspect.

In addition, rebuilding geometry first, and then lighting is a good step to take.

My lighting build just keeps failing at about 90%. Not sure what to do about it.

set the num indirect bounces to 1-3(1 is faster) and indirect lighting quality to 1 it works for me.

If you look in the lower right corner of your screen (near the time), you should see Swarm running when building your lightmaps. If you double-click on it, is it still calculating something or is it stuck?