Building lighting in a scene with no lights

Hello, i am creating a moderately detailed scene with lots of foliage and high resolution textures, etc to create a nice forest scene. (im new so don’t know what specific info to give), the only lights in my scene is one Spotlight acting as a flashlight for my character, and one Point Light to give the environment surrounding the player a slight bit of viability. (both of these lights are attached to my character)

From what i understand both these lights (and the only lights anywhere in the game) are both dynamic, and do not require a lighting build. But when i do get to building the lighting it progresses so slowly that after 40 minutes it still hasn’t even hit 0.01% done.

I want to rebuild the lighting as some water in my scene is glowing for no reason, and some of my foliage is making little sparks as it moves (looking like my entire forest is full of fireflies) and i believe it to be because i haven’t built the lighting.

Anyone know what could be going on??

Specs -
i5 7600k
Gtx 1070 ti
16gb 2400mhz RAM

Building lights takes forever huh? I think you could have some useless levels in your content browser - engine build them too when you build lights.

You should leave only your ones here.
Also you can check if your meshes have right lightmap resolutions. Not so sure if it does matter when you don’t have lights on scene but i had similar problem in past and till then i always set it up by myself.

^ it’s in window which appear when you double click a mesh in content browser.
32 is small value but it’s working fine for my small object. Bigger and more complicated objects should have bigger values here cuz shadow quality depends on it.

Let us know if something changed.

Those two suggestions fixed it completely, thank you so much. I’d been trying to work this out by myself for over a month now, and my teachers had no clue. Thankyou :slight_smile: