Building Lighting crashed

I am building lighting in my project at Preview Quality.

with below world setting:


Here is my log file of swarm agent.
[link text][2]

Crash Project:

I change static lighting level scale to 0.5,It goes successful.
It goes fail when I put value less than 0.5.

Hi ,

Can you upload a text file with your call stack (including the machine and epic IDs) along with the Logs from your project where this is crashing? You can find the logs in your Project Folder > Saved > Logs.

While the image of the call stack is helpful, It’s much easier if I have the full call-stack to look through along with a ID I can copy paste into our Crash Reporter. Using the one that is provided in the image I’m not seeing any submitted crash reports. Make sure when you do get crash reports that you submit the report in order for us to pull it up in our system.

I do see that you listed 4.8 as your build of the engine. If I recall there was an issue with light builds for some scenes that would crash when the light build was complete. It would crash when exporting the build lighting data back to UE4, but this was fixed in 4.9.

Once I have your logs and the full call stack I can confirm if this was the same as the reported JIRA from before.

If not, I need to know, does this happen in a basic template scene as well for you? You only mention that it happens in your project, but do not provide any details about the size or complexity of your project that you’re building lighting for. If it’s a large scene that can make a bit of difference than what would it would with a smaller scene sine there is more data to be calculated and exported.

Let me know.