Build not moving past 0% with this error

Hi LadyNiyyah,

I believe your error is caused by the UVs in Maya (I don’t know how to use Maya so I can’t give you instructions :\ ). If you can’t find a solution there, then maybe this could help:

Try re-importing the mesh and a window with importing settings should appear. Check “Remove Degenerate” under “Mesh” if it wasn’t already and it should actually work.

Thank you, I’m going to try it now.

Hello all, My question is this.

I’m trying to click the build after assembling a building. It’s coming up with this error. What can I do to allow it to build? I have checked my firewall and it’s allowing UnReal to do it’s thing. I’m not quite sure how to fix this mesh to not have this error. Is this a maya issue?