Build lighting on many PCs with Swarm

Hi all! firstly, I know that this question has been asked many times in the answer hub, but we NEED an updated, clear and universal guide to do this using many different kind of PCs, we are indie devs and we are using our personal computers to develop our game, we can’t afford a build monster-machine and our unique hope right now is succesfully achieve this swarm net.

Months ago I was some days trying it and I only achieve 2 PCs building lights succesfully, but was imposible with the rest… the information and “black magic” about this thing is distributed throughout many different forums and many times is ambiguos or not up to date… PLEASE HELP

Thanks for your attention guys!

Okey… WE HAVE ACHIEVED IT WITH 10 PCs!!! I will post here some of the important tips to get this working:

Hope this help someone!! don’t hesitate asking.