Build Lighting Not Working?! (BUG?)

So built static lights are not working when I play the game. Here are my details:

  • Nanite Disabled
  • Lumen Disabled (using None for GI)
  • Virtualized Textures enabled
  • Virtualized Textures for Lightmaps enabled
  • Force No Pre-Compute Light is disabled
  • Lightmaps are all good (no overlap or wrapping)
  • Only point lights, all set to static (about 40 of them)
  • Several Reflection Captures

I’ve tried with both Build Lights and GPU Lightmass.
When I build lighting, it actually does work and I can see the new lighting in my scene which is clearly different than dynamic GI, it just all goes away when I actually play in PIE.
Even stranger is that when I package the game, the baked lights do work, so its a pie / standalone only problem??!
This seems like a bug to be honest since it works in packaged, does anyone have any ideas?

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You need to enable the following option (this will require a restart):
Project Settings->Engine->Rendering->Allow Static Lighting.

Yes sorry, I did not add this to my bullet points but I already have static lighting allowed.

Well, if it only disappears in PIE, then it most likely is a bug. Feel free to report it at

Add to this checklist to check your Camera details, it can have a PostProcess, just set Global Illumination method.