Build Lighting Extremely long times

So i have created a small project and the building lighting takes extremely long. so long that it looks like its frozen at 2% then at least half an hour later it goes to 3% and so on. Is there any way to fix this problem?

do you have lightmass importance volume in your level ?
if not check this out → Lightmass Basics | Unreal Engine Documentation

Another problem might be the lightmap density on your meshes. it should be in between blue and green most of the times. Red means the lightmap is too dense for its size.

you can override your lightmap res to experiment with the building times.

Once you find the ideal lightmap res for your model, you can change the default setting of your mesh by double clicking your mesh in content browser.

if the scene is too big (like open world) it isnt a good idea to use static lighting.