Build light does not seem to remove lines

Hi all

Made a map with a R16 file.

As you can see, the grid lines are still there, and when I build lighting, I get this


Add Light Volume, not luck

Any ideas on how to fix this??

Your map is too large to build lightmass, the foliage in general is creating a large amount of lightmaps and it’s causing you to run out of memory.


So not fix or my computer?


Ok, will a more powerful computer solve this, just my 8GB and watching shows at same will cause the issue?

Your foliage (trees) has too high of a resolution of a lightmap, you need to reduce it. You can also try getting more RAM, it wants to use over 17GB

so if i under stand this correctly its my computers problem not something i did to the editor?

Are you the same person or do you just have a similar issue?

Cheers, now I see the 17gb.

And alwaysSC, not me, what a great first post :slight_smile:


As a note—it’s best to try and figure out how detailed you need your lightmaps rather than just add more RAM. Lower resolution lightmaps will make light building faster, and you’ll reduce the amount of disc space that lightmaps take up. For that reason, many developers use a realtime lighting solution for large maps rather than baked lighting.

How do I build Lower Res Lightmaps?