Build light all maps

I have a project with 7 different maps, each map takes 1 hour to build the light in production mode and high resolution lightmaps, I want to know if is there a way to put all of them to build light at the same time ou sequence, so I can put to build over night while I sleep for exemple, so I can put it to build and when I return all of them will be ready to package…

Thank you guys :slight_smile:


Static lights really takes a lot of time to build, why don´t you change your foliage actors to movable for example. If the object moves and the light is settled to static you should change to movable. It will build light much, much faster

good luck

I know that, but every light has to be static light because of the perfomace… I dont really care about the time of the build, I just want to find a way to build all maps with one command, get it?

ok, this command doesn´t work for you?

No, it only builds the map that it’s open…

I have 18 maps and everytime I make a change on the lightmap resolution of one object I have to rebuild the lightning of all maps manually, which takes a couple of hours of work to do so. I’d love to know if there is a way to make it faster or at least automatic.

Have you tried “Build and Submit”? i’ve never used it before but the description is promising.

I tried it but since I don’t have a source control configured on the project it won’t let me do it (I use an external SVN and the “submit” portion of that function is to submit it to a source control). I don’t fully understand why the only way I found to do this is behind such a hard configuration