Build cities quickly

Hi, I just wanted to find out if there is a free yet fast software to create cities. I can add the “destroyed look” on my own…

I am currently developing a game and i need to create a post apocalyptic city, which has to be huge.
I wanted to know the best FREE ways to create this without modeling it all by hand.
I’ve seen cityengine, but its paid, and i need a free tool or plugin to blender.
I want to achieve something like this:

Just to clarify, I need a free software/ plugin (in blender) to create a city. I can create the “post-apocalyptic look” myself.

To be honest, you are expecting “WAY” to much for something free. If there is something out there that do that for free it would not have a very high poly count or even little to nothing in the poly dept. Just my two cents.

Well I am not aware of any blender plugins but if you are using 3ds max then you can use Building Generator script to generate buildings.