Buggy Single Color Shading?

I recently made a model in maya that I exported into UE4. When I light the model in any way it comes out with these massive black splodges applied to it as show in the picture. The material I have applied is just a single color, no texture, nothing to get distorted. I’m pretty sure it’s something to do with the UVs but my knowledge of 3D is not good enough to work out what’s wrong. I’ve imported 15 different versions of it with different UVs and the problem always persists. It also displays sort of like this in the static mesh window. Anyone know how I can just get it to be a single color all over?


I’m not convinced now that it is a UV problem as I have tried the mesh with multiple different types of UVs and no UVs at all and it is always the same.

Hi Dekkuran,

This appears to be a UV problem. Even if it doesn’t seem like it could be, this is where I’d start looking first.

When you build lighting do you get any error messages after it’s done that says “Overlapping UVs”?

Also, can you post a screenshot of you lightmap UV (Channel 1) from the mesh editor? You can do this by toggling the UV button in the toolbar and changing the drop down to UV channel 1.

Also check in Maya, that you do not have any flipped or inverted faces in your UV.