[Bug] UE4 Android - Skeletal mesh material ID's.

So we have an issue on Android with multiple Material ID’s on a single skeletal mesh. The issue is that by having multiple material ID’s (3) the UV’s on Material ID #2 and #3 are broken. Basically we can only have a single material ID per skeletal mesh within Android.

Below is a screenshot where the boxes in the background show the textures and materials working just fine. However on the character, they are broken:

In order:
Mat ID #1 - Body (Working)
Mat ID #2 - Hood (Broken UVs)
Mat ID #3 - Skull (Broken UVs)

Any help with this is greatly appreciated. For now the easiest fix we have is to take each mat ID’s UVs and place them on different channels, and create a single material that offsets each texture by a texture coordinate.

Edit: If this is already a known issue with Skeletal Meshes on Android, I’d like to make the recommendation of updating the Performance Guideline Documentation for Android with this.

Hey Sythen -

This is an issue in 4.7 and our engineers are currently working on a solution to this issue. I will keep you informed as our work continues.

Thank You for your report.

Eric Ketchum