[bug] Stuck on 45% on project load Splach Screen in Unreal Engine 4.17.0

First start of Unreal Editor after successful VS2015(17) compilation is stucking/freezing on 45%, It compile shaders extremely, extremely slow- 1MB for hours?!?!?!?!

Processor is on 99% for hours!!!

The same machine compile and start without problem 4.16; 4.15 and below versions

VS2015 or VS2017 + Windows 10 Pro 64bits, 1703, 15063.540

On the same machine with the exact same software:

Update #1:
The bug absent on VS2017 + UE4.15.3-0 three hours later

Update #2:
The bug absent on VS2017 + UE4.16

Update #3:
The bug is confirmed on VS2017 + UE4.17.1 (stuck on 45% forever)

Update #4:
The bug is confirmed on VS2015update3 + UE4.17.1 (stuck on 45% forever)

Update #5:
Video card (and its drivers) is the most probably reason for this BUG by my opinion.

Update #6: [15:17, 13.Sep.2017]

I found the problem and it is not Video Card or some drivers- I downloaded and compiled “UnrealEngine-master.zip” master branch 4.18.0-0+UE4, and all works fine- there isn’t freezing/stucking on shaders compilation at the first start of “UE4Editor.exe”.
So the problem is somewhere in official 4.17 and 4.17.1.

Thank you so much for all who NOT helped me to discover that!

it seems your problem same like this hope it gonna helps

it is not the same problem. I am waiting hours (hole day) to compile 10 kilobytes shaders?!?!?!?! And I am not loading any project, only starting Unreal Editor for the first time!!!

hmm,havent tried 4.17 yet…i think if your 4.15 or 4.16.3 dont have problem,work with that first until 4.17 have very stable version or u can do verify/reinstall