[BUG]Static Mesh turns pitch black

I have this weird issue that I cannot lit up any of my static meshes.

If I import a mesh that my Modeller have made into Rocket and the model is a Static Mesh it will not be lit up by any lights. The models work perfectly fine in the UDK.

The models are FBX format.

EDIT: It seems that all other types of meshes don’t have this issue. Only Static Meshes.

Create a 2nd UV channel for your mesh in the UE4 → generate unique uvs

Can you explain to me why the error occurs?

Unfortunately no ^^ I just know that a 2nd UV channel also solved the problem with the black meshes in UDK

It worked. Thanks.

Dear Mads,

In the Static Mesh Import Window

Try reimporting and switch

Import Normals


Calculate Normals

when you are importing the static mesh




Didn’t solve the issue. Same problem.

Just in case anyone stumbles across this whilst looking for an answer to a similar problem… I found some meshes would go black for me in my level, but then moving them to near other meshes sometimes fixed the problem; I found various (tree) meshes weren’t completely encased in a lighting importance volume (the volume had to be quite a lot bigger than the tree) but anyway, this fixed it for me (in 4.14)