[Bug report] Null OSS Session Search fails on Mac

Using the Null OSS, I create a session and when I search for session on an another instance of the game, I get an Invalid session in the results.

Running the exact same code on windows, The session is valid and I can get the UID of the session.

Does anyone know if there are special steps on a mac for developing multiplayer games on unreal?

I have tested using hamachi to create a lan network :

  • Hosting on Windows and searching for
    sessions on Mac fails,

  • Hosting on Mac and Searching on
    Windows : Windows finds the session,
    but cannot join it.

  • If both machines are on windows,
    everything works fine

  • Joining a session directly via ip
    works in every scenario.

  • Disabling OSX firewall did not help

I have made a sample projet with only the related code in it here :


(press H to host and S to search for session and look at output log for results)

The code for the multiplayer sessions management is in : MyGameInstance.cpp