[Bug]:Refraction in material layer doesn't work if connected via "Use Material Attributes"

Seems like refraction doesn’t work if material layer is connected in final material via “Use Material Attributes”. To make it work layer needs to be broken to material attributes, material has to have unchecked “Use Material Attributes” and all attributes that are used in layer manually connected to final material.

Hi Tomas,

What attributes/nodes are you using in GlassLayerTest node? Knowing what that node does will help me to better assist you.


glass layer is using following attributes:

  • BaseColor
  • Metallic
  • Specular
  • Roughness
  • Opacity
  • Normal
  • Refraction

edit: wanted to make that a nice list, but somehow edit doesn’t want to save list :slight_smile:

Hi Tomas,

I was able to reproduce your bug and have placed a bug report in for it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!



Just want to report this bug is still present in 4.10.1. Its been nearly 2 years so figured I would re-report it.
Refraction does not work when material uses [true] use material attribute.

I had a unlit translucent material using emmisive, opacity, and refraction. Breaking material function and plugging in works.

Hi Daniel,

Please open a new post in Bug Reports section so we can get this tracked properly. This is an old, archived post from our beta users, and enough has changed since then that I’d like to get fresh eyes on it. Include as much information as you can. I’ll get someone assigned to investigate and we’ll go from there. Thanks!