[Bug] reflections over split screen different from main screen



Post process volume settings are as follows:

Vignette Intensity: 0

Bloom Intensity: 0

Auto Exposure Min/Max: 1

Exposure Bias: 0

Screen Space Reflections: -

Intensity: 100

Quality: 100

Split screen spectators are all with cameras angled at 90 degrees to the main camera, and attached.

Hello Litruv,

I ran a test and I was unable to see the different reflective values on other screens.

Would you provide reproduction steps for how you have your project set up or a sample project where this is happening?

Hey there, I pretty much did a splitscreen, and that was about all. built lighting didn’t solve anything, remove vignette from the post processing, and look at the default text on the ground.
(sorry for the late reply…)

I just ran the test again and again I was unable to reproduce this issue. What are the post process settings on your Cameras? Are they different than the Post Process volumes?

Hey, just made an example for you instead of this jibber-jabber.
Seems to of gone weird on the reflections since last time I checked.

Stripped out unnecessary stuffs.

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8658081/ShareX/2016/01/MyProject4.zip (15,798KB)

I was able to see the text differing in viewports 2-4. I have entered a bug for this issue. The bug number is UE-25829. I do not have an ETA for when this issue will be viewed or resolved.

Thanks for reporting this issue to us.