[BUG] Mobility Node in Component always displays Movable

I’ve a reproducible issue:

Create a blueprint with Scene Root set mobility to static.
Print the Enum of “DefaultSceneRoot–> Get Mobility”

Apparently it is always showing as movable.
I apologize in advance if i’m doing something wrong here. I strongly believe this is an error. I’m saying this becuase I have mistaken reported this as a bug a while ago. in https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/185740/bug-instancedstaticmeshs-mobility-refused-to-be-se.html

apparently the issue is with the data derived from mobility and not the mobility itself.

Note that this is also the case when i make InstancedStaticMesh.

Hi Frozenfire,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this in 4.7.5. Are you using 4.7.5 or an earlier version?

To test this, I created a new Actor Blueprint and set the Mobility of its DefaultSceneRoot to Static, and dropped it into the level. I got the DefaultSceneRoot > Mobility > Enum to String > Print on Event Begin Play. As expected, it printed “Static” during PIE. Am I missing any reproduction steps?

Hi Frozenfire,

We haven’t heard back from you about this for a while, so I’m resolving this issue for now. If you’re still experiencing this issue, please feel free to respond with the information requested above. Thanks!

Hi Ben. This is weird. It seems my earlier reply didnt get through.

Apparently I tested this and found out that the problem is on getting the mobility during construction script. It seems yo always return movable.

I test it on event begin play and it did work correctly. But not on construction script. Can you test it put? Its still showing movable for me.

Hi Frozenfire,

Thanks for clearing that up for me! I can verify that I see the same thing in 4.7.5; the Mobility enum returns Movable when I print it from the Construction Script. I tested this in our main internal build, and it appears this has already been fixed. This fix should roll out with the 4.8 release. If you see the same behavior after that, please let us know. Thanks!