[Bug] Map file Asterisk show up without changes or won't go away after save

Using 4.15.1 I’ve had an issue where I open my project without touching anything and the map file now has an Asterisk like it wants me to save changes. Then after actually changing something, it takes 3 - 5 saves ( I switch between Save Current and Save All) before the Asterisk will go away, especially after building lighting. I have no idea why this is happening but I have a feeling it might have to do with the BuiltData file?

I tried to recreate the issue with a clean project but it didn’t happen. I’m wondering if it has to do with some of the items I purchased from the marketplace or if the BuiltData file was corrupted somehow.

Hey TorQueMoD-

I was not able to reproduce this behavior as you mentioned, which means it may be unique the the level/project you’re using. Does the same save issue occur in other levels of the same project? Does the BuiltData also show as needing to be saved like the level? You can try deleting the BuiltData asset and then resave the level. This should recreate the BuiltData file in the content browser.

Hi .
I deleted the BuiltData file and re-built the lighting and this seemed to fix the issue. I wasn’t able to test it on other levels as they had their lighting built in 4.13 and I didn’t want to mess them up as well. It must have been a corruption issue or something. Thanks for the help!

After working on the project some more, The Asterisk still shows up as soon as I open the map and it won’t go away when I save it through the File - Save Current or Save All commands but if I browse to the map directory in the content browser and right click on the file and save it goes away.

Using 4.15, having this same issue too. Built the lighting then right clicked on the level and clicked save. Made it go away.