[Bug] Landscape foliage shadows


I have encountered a bug where foliage geometry is not casting shadows correctly. I can see it in “Lighting only” pass, but in “Lit” mode it is not showing up. Though if same geometry is placed by hand from content browse shadows work as they should.

Hi Igor,

I was able to reproduce. It is a known issue and has been addressed, look for the update in a future build! Thank you for your feedback.

Can anyone confirm whether this issue is solved for ver 4.2 or is it coming in a later version?. The answer on this is a few months old confirming a fix but I still have this happening in ver 4.2.1 of the engine.

I will mention that I’m not painting foliage on a Landscape, but rather on a static mesh. The shadows don’t show up in Lit mode or Detail Lighting mode, but only in Lighting Only mode.

On the same topic. Are there any plans for baked, static shadows for foliage?. I use it a lot for rocks and stuff like that and seems like a waste to have them all be basically dynamic.

Thank you.

Hi ,

This is a post from pre-release of the engine. Please make a new answerhub post to discuss this topic. I am closing this thread as outdated. Thank you!