Bug Blueprint Point Light still there after I removed it


I just created a blueprint with a light in there, I tried to copy the light from that blueprint to an other one (it doesn’t work) so I decided to remove the light.

I have a big problem, even if the light is deleted, the light is still there.

I don’t know how can I explain it but I removed all the lights / blueprints in the scene and unfortunately when I build the scene, the light is still there.


Hi Yanton,

If you’ve got a light in your BP that is set to Static/Stationary and you built lighting then delete that very light from your BP it will not wipe the build lighting from the scene.

You will need to rebuild lighting to get rid of any previously baked shadows.

Try doing that and let me know if that works for you. If not, I’ll need repro steps to see the issue on my end. If you’re unsure of the repro steps it would be helpful if you recreated the issue in a blank project to narrow down what may be happening, but more thank likely you’ll just need to rebuild lighting to wipe the previous baked shadows.

Thank you!